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Towards a blue economy for a sustainable Mediterranean: Indicators and recommendations

Par Jérémie Fosse, Jean-Pierre Giraud, Antoine Lafitte. Novembre 2017.

At the world level, the economy based on maritime sectors is considered a new frontier for economic development and its Gross Value Added (GVA) could double or even triple between 2010 and 2030. This trend could be similar in the Mediterranean region due to the importance of the economic sectors as tourism and maritime transport.


“Blue economy is a low polluting, resource-efficient and circular economy based on sustainable consumption and production patterns, enhancing human well-being and social equity, generating economic value and employment, and significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities.”

A blue economy allows preserving Mediterranean healthy marine and coastal ecosystems and ensures the continuous delivery of goods and services for present and future generations.

Progress towards a successful blue economy relies on the sustainable development of key socioeconomic activities: fisheries; aquaculture; tourism and recreational activities; maritime transport and port activities; bio-prospecting or exploitation of biological resources; exploitation of renewable energy sources. The blue economy, which is a declination of the green economy in marine and coastal areas, can and must contribute positively to inclusive sustainable development in the Mediterranean Region...

Mercredi 1 Novembre 2017
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