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Toward Understanding Violence and Revising Counter-Violence Policies in the Southern Mediterranean

Publié en avril 2019. Rédigé par Nouran S. Ahmed

The aim of this policy brief is to point out the shortcomings of the research agenda on violence and counter-violence policies over the last seven years, with the main focus on the obstacle of accessing information as a prerequisite to comprehend the current wave of violence, as well as the side effects of the dominance of Jihadists in the research and political agenda, in addition to the underestimation of the pivotal role of the internal context and dynamics in directing violence.

Extract :

Back in 2011, a wave of violence and radicalisation started in the Southern Mediterranean region, which was characterised by a variety of forms, such as unorganised brutality accompanying riots, insurgencies, violent attacks directed against particular targets, or random attacks regardless of the target’s political or social affiliation. This wave illustrated the ability of violence to extend regionally and globally. Its patterns depended on the dynamics and structural strains of the state, differing among Southern Mediterranean countries.

Over the last three to four years, protraction of violence has been, hence, a consequence of intertwined international, regional and domestic factors, such as the collapse of the Islamic State (ISIS) and the ability of the nation-state to restore power over its territory and political sphere aftermath of the Arab uprisings, ending the vacuum in which many of these acts took place.

Lundi 22 Avril 2019
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