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Three questions to Amal Louis, chairwoman of the AACN

Are the actions of the government departments at the port slowing traffic?

Amal Louis, Chairwoman of the AACN. Photo econostrum
Amal Louis, Chairwoman of the AACN. Photo econostrum
Port transit time has improved tremendously (28 min.), thanks to the efforts of port users and government departments working together. Other advances will bring further improvements, the interface between the TRACES and DELTA systems -due for the end of 2016- being one that comes to mind.

In addition, there is still a long way to go in the matter of processing time for traffics subject to phytosanitary controls.

The extension of working hours would boost competitiveness. It is hard to explain to clients that the phytosanitary service's working hours are not the same as those of the other government departments, especially at the Western Docks where most of the goods are controlled.


Why do you advocate maintaining the BIP facility?

We are asking for the phytosanitary inspection point to be maintained for a very simple reason: traffic fluidity through the port.

This additional, separate inspection point handles traffics coming from Israel. Being able to carry out the controls on site is a huge selling point and a factor in our competitiveness. We are competing against ports that provide quick transit times and, above all, round-the-clock working.


What in your view would be the advantage of a single point of control?

Photo GPMM
Photo GPMM
Agents looking to attract traffics currently going through other ports and massify them at Marseille-Fos are pushing for a regrouping of all the administrative services and control points to speed transit times through the port and reduce costs for our clients. The agents are sharing their thoughts on the creation of single points of control as part of the working groups set up by the GPMM Development Committee.

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