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Socio-economic assessment of goods and services provided by Mediterranean forest ecosystems

Methodological guide: factsheets and tools

Juin 2015 par Plan Bleu

This guide is for everyone concerned and interested in the socio-economic valuation of goods and services provided by Mediterranean woodland areas: managers, public or private owners, companies or individual or collective users in all sectors of activity, including agriculture, water management, protection of fauna and flora, forestry, tourism, leisure, etc.

Economic valuation at stake for the Mediterranean forest ecosystems
Mediterranean forests under pressure

Although forest ecosystems represent only about 9% of the Mediterranean region’s land area (85 million ha) they importantly contribute to poverty alleviation, socio-economic development, food security and the preservation of a healthy environment. Mediterranean forests provide many goods and services sometimes specific to the region: wood products, non-timber forest products (cork, pine nuts, mushrooms, honey, etc.) and environmental services. The ecosystem services provided by these ecosystems are increasingly recognized: protection of water and soil, combat against erosion and desertification, provision of recreational areas, sequestering greenhouse gases, and protecting biodiversity.

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