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Post-Conflict Re-Construction in MENA: Previous Experiences and Stakeholder's Inclusive Involvement in the Future Reconstruction of Libya, Syria and Iraq

Par Goenaga, Amaia. Avril 2017.

Summary :

The European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed) and Casa Árabe, with the collaboration of ICEX (Spain Trade and Investment), organised in 2016 an international conference entitled "Post-conflict re-construction in MENA: Previous experiences and stakeholders’ inclusive involvement in the future reconstruction of Libya, Syria and Iraq".

Extract :

Assessing the monetary and physical costs of reconstruction in conflicts such as the current war of Syria, the conflict in Libya or the series of wars and conflicts lived by Iraq in the last decades is only unfeasible due to its size. Besides, the capacity of destruction and disruption of some of the conflicts affecting Middle East and North of African countries nowadays is such that their implications for the future reconfiguration of these countries and the region itself can only be partially foreseen...

Lundi 11 Janvier 2016
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