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Micro, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Development in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco & Tunisia: Structure, Obstacles and Policies

Publié en décembre 2017. Rédigé par Rym Ayadi, Emanuele Sessa, Hala Helmy El Said, Rana Hosni Ahmed, Nooh Alshyab, Serena Sandri, Fuad Al Sheikh, Mohamed Larbi Sidmou, Jad Allah Rami, Rim Ben Ayed Mouelhi, Monia Ghazali Ferchichi.

The study provides a snap shot of the current status quo in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia regarding the development of their private sectors, with a focus on micro, small and medium enterprises. It will be used as a baseline for the definition of a robust research agenda that ultimately aims at providing sound recommendations for policy makers to improve developmental outcomes and, especially, the contribution of micro, small and medium enterprises to employment creation.


Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia, among other Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Countries (SEMCs), stand out for their combination of rather large public sectors and persistently high unemployment rates. This poses the challenge for policy makers in downsizing the role of the state in the economy while enhancing job creation, whereas the policies advocated for the development of market-oriented economies by agenda-setting institutions, come together with important readjustments in terms of employment creation. In the current context of lacking economic opportunities for the region’s population of educated yet unemployed youth, which is substantially increasing as a result of demographic trends, these readjustments will hardly be sustainable as countries cannot afford further instability.

Samedi 2 Décembre 2017
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