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Le doublement du Canal de Suez, une solution à la crise économique majeure du pays

Analyse du nouveau projet égyptien du canal de Suez

Publié le 4 février 2015 par Sébastien Boussois

Water is a crucial element for the survival of man in the world and particularly in the Middle East and an unavoidable aspect of development. Circulation of men, goods and boats also need the water cross countries. 

The Suez Canal was one of the most impressive human hydraulic projects of the nineteenth century. Inaugurated in 1868, about 180 km long, for the first time in History it allowed boats to reach Europe and Asia as fast as possible at the rate of about 50 boats a day, that is about 18,000 a year. The canal, more than 150 years after its digging, remains a unequalled technical feat: the longest ship canal in the world (the Panama canal between the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean is only 80 km), the rate of accidents is almost nothing compared with the other big canals, permanent day and night movement, and a VTMS guidance system...

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Mercredi 4 Février 2015
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