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Integration of climate variability and change into national ICZM strategies

Contribution to the updating of the integrated management plan for coastal zones of the Kerkennah archipelago

By Allenbach Karin, Ben Zakour Meriam, Chatenoux Bruno, Laffitte Antoine, Peduzzi Pascal, Touzi Sarra

The Kerkennah archipelago, located in the Gulf of Gabes, was selected for its vulnerability to variations and climate change, its ecological richness has got a significant number of data including environmental one.


Reducing locally induced environmental threats for a climate change adaptation The populations of small islands, especially those in developing countries, have no possibility to influence the reduction of CO2 emissions in a significant way. These populations suffer the impacts of global change even though they have marginally contributed to. Their only possibility for adaptation (to climate change) consists of reducing locally induced impacts through better management and conservation of natural resources.

This study is based on two approaches. On one hand, the data analysis and field validation in order to identify the status of the environment and, on the other, a consultation of national experts, civil society and other local stakeholders to understand the processes that led to this situation and to identify threats weighing on the ecosystems and the potential solutions for their preservation...

Jeudi 31 Décembre 2015
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