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Financial Development and Inclusion in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia

Publié en mars 2018. Rédigé par Rym Ayadi, Willem Pieter de Groen, Taghreed Hassouba, Chahir Zaki, Nooh Alshyab, Serena Sandri, Idriss Elabbassi, Aziz Ragbi, Said Tounsi, Soumaya Ben Khelifa, Olfa Benouda Sioud, Rania Makni, Dorra Mezzez Hmaied.

This study provides a snapshot of the status quo in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia regarding the development of the financial systems, with a focus on the financial development, the regulatory framework and financial inclusion. It will be used as a baseline for the definition of a research agenda that ultimately aims at providing sound recommendations for policy makers to improve developmental outcomes and, especially, the contribution of the financial system on sustainable economic growth.


The link between financial development and sustainable economic growth is complex. The academic literature published on this topic in recent years finds that financial development contributes to growth up to a certain tipping point. Beyond this tipping point, financial development would make the system more fragile. The benefits of financial development and level of the tipping point seem to vary between economies. Among the factors that contribute to the variance are the composition of the financial system (institutions and market based intermediation), access (financial inclusion) and efficiency (government interventions, allocation, etc.)...

Samedi 3 Mars 2018
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