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Améliorer la gouvernance des espaces boisés méditerranéens à travers la mise en oeuvre de démarches participatives - Turquie

Improving Mediterranean woodland areas governance through participative approaches implementation. Düzlerçami Forest - Turkey

Rédigé par Gunes Yusuf

Ce rapport a été rédigé dans le cadre du projet « Optimiser la production de biens et services par les écosystèmes boisés méditerranéens dans un contexte de changements globaux ».


Stakeholder analysis is an approach and a procedure for understanding a system by identifying its key actors or stakeholders in the system, and assessing their respective interests in that system (Grimble and Chan, 1995). The knowledge of stakeholders' behaviour, intentions, interrelations, interests, and the influence on the resources is important for the decision making process (Brugha and Varvasovszky, 2000). Thus, stakeholder analysis can help to bridge the gap between stakeholders' expectations and policy’s objectives (Chevalier and Buckles, 1999). The identification and documentation of the factors and the scientific findings for the stakeholders’ analysis provides better basis to the policymakers in order to formulate a sound forest policy (Krott, 2005). Stakeholders’ analysis has been found to be especially useful for the study of issues pertaining to the natural resource management, equity and development. The objective of this study is to evaluate the stakeholders' perceptions towards the development of a sustainable forest resources policy. The R’WOT framework was used to analyse their perceptions.

Strategy evaluation for forest resources management is problematic because there are several possible strategies and it requires a Multi Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) analysis to choose the best ones. Government agencies are poorly equipped in terms of appropriate strategies choices which fit their particular context. This paper proposes a MCDMbased SWOT analysis for the evaluation of alternative forest resources management strategies for Düzlerçamı pilot site.

Jeudi 14 Avril 2016
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