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Améliorer la gouvernance des espaces boisés méditerranéens à travers la mise en oeuvre de démarches participatives - Liban

Bentael Natural Reserve. Liban.

Rédigé par Patricia Sfeir

Ce rapport a été rédigé dans le cadre du projet « Optimiser la production de biens et services par les écosystèmes boisés méditerranéens dans un contexte de changements globaux ».


The present report highlights the design of an integrated approach for improving the governance aspects of forest resources using participatory tools. An integrated and flexible yet transparent methodology is designed to meet to improve on the resources management through the engagement of the neighboring communities in the decision making.

The proposed methodology is based on the implementation of participatory approaches to raise awareness among stakeholders in the management of the forest and its related goods and services. The structure highlights the necessity to involve all the direct and the indirect beneficiaries based on their shared interest and irrespective of their village affiliation.

This is essential in facilitating a change in their perception of the forest from a geographical spot to a socio-economic one which would help the decision to be reached based on interest rather than based on the village involvement.


The pilot site is a natural forest, located in the Mount Lebanon, and is subject to external threats that have called for its protection and conservation from a voluntary initiative. Situated at 250 to 850 m altitude, the Bentael Nature Reserve (BNR) is one of the oldest ones though relatively small in area not exceeding the 110 hectares.

The reserve lies on the valley's foothills to the East of the oldest city Byblos (8 kilometers) at 38 kilometers from Beirut.

Founded in 1981 for protecting the village and its surrounding ones from urbanization And is surrounded by Edde, Kfarmashoun, Mazraaet El Jmayyel, Dmalsa, Mechehlen, Kafer, Kfoun, Bentael, Bihdidat, Al Berkeh, and Hjoula (4000 people/approx. population). These villages are called the Al-Hourouf area.

Jeudi 14 Avril 2016
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