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Agriculture méditerranéenne et changements climatiques

Mediterranean Agriculture and Climate Change

Par Cosimo Lacirignola. Septembre 2016

Résumé :

While Agriculture is one of the countless victims of climate change, it is also accused of contributing to it.

Six months after the signing of the Paris Agreement by 175 countries in April 2016, Morocco is about to host the next Conference of the Parties in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the COP 22 which is aimed at transforming the Paris commitments in concrete actions for the planet. This is indeed the wish expressed by the Moroccan Kingdom. This COP must be one of innovation and solutions in terms of adaptation and mitigation of climate change impacts. Once again, the handover between France and Morocco highlights the pivotal role that the Mediterranean plays in terms of climate cooperation.

Jeudi 1 Septembre 2016
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