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A post-pandemic growth strategy for Southern and Eastern mediterranean countries

Publié en septembre 2019. Rédigé par : The Growth Dialogue

The global pandemic has prompted a re-examination of existing development strategies for growth and development. The countries of the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean (SEMCs) have seen their development trajectories dimmed, and in order to provide for more sustainable and equitable income generation for their populations, a reset of growth strategies is essential. The aim of this report, produced by The Growth Dialogue, is to provide some new ideas and policy directions for SEMCs and to do so in light of changes in the global economy that was already well underway but that have been made more prominent by the recent events.

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This report examines the current situation of SEMCs, highlighting where the greatest shortfalls of policy exist using the concept of heatmaps that compare countries in various dimensions. To this has been added a thorough review of what diagnostics already exist, indicating some lapses of past policy as seen by outside agencies, institutions, and academics. The aim of this report is to not repeat the same diagnostics once again, but rather to use them as building blocks for the presentation of some new views and enriched by policy consultations with key thought-leaders and ex- policymakers in three SEMCs, namely, Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia. 

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